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United States Cybersecurity and Privacy Resources
Federal Level

Financial Services

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act : Prevent corporate fraud by setting strict regulatory mandates for how organizations protect financial records from tampering and making auditors more independent from their clients.

  • PCI DSS v4.0 : Set of security policies that protect credit and payment card data and transactions.


Resources for Cloud Service Providers (Offer your cloud services to the federal government)

  • CSP Authorization Playbook : Initiate FedRAMP, onboard offers Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) a comprehensive understanding of crafting an authorization strategy, various authorization categories, and key factors for their Cloud Service Offerings (CSOs) when engaging with FedRAMP.

  • FedRAMP Security Controls Baseline : Provides the catalog of FedRAMP High, Moderate, Low, and Tailored Low Impact Software-as-a-Service (Li-SaaS) baseline security controls, along with additional guidance and requirements.


Resources for Federal Agencies (Adopt innovative cloud services to meet your agency’s mission needs)


Resource for Assessors (3PAOs evaluate cloud security for federal authorization, guiding risk-based decisions via assessments like the RAR and SAP)


Other resources

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