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What are the 10 Most Tedious Tasks in Cybersecurity? A Survey

Spending time on manual work is the most frustrating aspect of a cybersecurity job. Organizations could increase employee satisfaction and productivity by using AI automation and "Role Deepening" versus having them work on tedious tasks.

Bored in Cybersecurity

Please select the most tedious, boring and mundane tasks from the 10 options below. You can select more than one. The results of this survey will help you become a more productive organization by focusing your AI initiatives on those tasks.

10 Most Monotonous and Tedious Tasks in Cybersecurity and Privacy

  • Writing Policies and Procedures

  • Identify and Update Regulatory / Security Controls

  • Security Log and Alert Analysis

  • Finding Answers (Troubleshooting, Sales / Developer Queries)

You can vote for more than one answer.

Feel free to add your painful tasks in the comments.


1 Comment

Raj Joshi
Raj Joshi
Mar 29

Feel free to disagree with the list above. There was a request to add “Exceptions Management” to the list.

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