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Complexity of Compliance Simplified

Elevate Cyber Efficiency with AI

Empower your team by leaving the routine, mundane, and time-consuming work to us, so they can focus on strategizing and innovating for a safer future.

We expose Contract Risk, facilitate Audit Readiness, expedite Security Questionnaires process and provide Knowledge Assistants for workforce enablement.

Our Solutions

Uncover Customer Contract Risk

Save time and reduce the risk of legal disputes due to non-compliance.

Leveraging the power of AI and expert guidance, our smart contract analysis delves deep into the intricate language of customer contracts and build requirements matrix. We extract and interpret the nuanced requirements that are often buried in complex clauses. This approach accelerates understanding of potential contract risks and increase compliance insights.


  • Unmatched Accuracy in extraction, analysis and mapping

  • Uncover Enterprise and Product Security, Breach Notifications, Disclosures, Attestations, Liability requirements

  • Save valuable time and resources

  • Expertise in SOX, GLBA, ISO, NIST and various country guidelines

  • Run time Customer Compliance

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